Get a unique PJON bus id

The PJON Foundation handles for free the bus identification release and index maintainance. Fill out the form below to get a unique bus id to be part of the PJON bus network community.

Why get a bus id?

If you are using PJON on a shared medium, like radio, you could end up with device id collisions with buses in close range. Your neighbour could choose the same device id you selected to identify one of your devices, and one of them could have a foreign device in its reception range, exchanging unwanted and potentially misleading data. To avoid this we suggest you to use a valid unique bus id released by the PJON Foundation. Once obtained a unique bus id you will be able to both isolate your device's communication and network with other buses in range.

PJON - Avoid collision with a valid unique bus id

The bus id registration is anonymous and it is not engineered to sell off our user's data, sharing some info about your installation filling the optional fields simply helps us monitoring the network topology growth, geographical distribution and offer you a better, forever free service.

if a wireless medium is selected a blue circle appears representing the communication range, use the handles to set its real extension.