Why reinvent the wheel?

Observing today's society dealing with IOT and the internet's future reminds me of the old story about the Tower of Babel. Is there a solution? Can we provide the community with one?

It is necessary to try

I will try using the history of engineering to explain my view on our present situation regarding networking. Looking at the early days of aviation, we can clearly see the effect of society sticking to standards and at the same time pioneers building absurd machines. It is still possible to enjoy comedy documentaries mocking failures and oddness of designs that a century later are strongly affecting modern day flying machines. We should consider that we are living the early days of global networking, and we are pretty much stuck to one of the first designs, metaphorically, flying on a wooden biplane.

Comic documentary joking at the oddness of designs massively used today

Medium revolution

Thanks to Marshall Mcluhan's enlightened views, we can observe in history the effect of a medium in society. The invention of books unleashed the hugest cultural standardization in history of mankind, surely giving more data in the hands of people, but at the same time erasing the cultural diversity and local wisdom developed in thousands of years. Most importantly, people who owned the technology had a strong benefit: being able to influence users with filtered content. Today, who owns internet? Who can affect it? Are we influenced by it?

Marshall Mcluhan speaking about the influence of media on society

Privacy, freedom and security

Only thanks to the freedom of communication we became the predominant species on earth. Today there is no freedom of communication and we mostly pay an organization to be connected and share many aspects of our life. Many are saying that our data is gathered to be potentially used against us in the future and to better control us. Society seems now aware of many downsides of the medium it depends on. Looking at history this social distress generally leads to a medium revolution and the recurrence of those revolutions is accelerating along with the advance of techonology.

The future of Internet, Privacy and Security by Bruce Schneier.

Let's network

7 years ago I started working on PJON because I was feeling that society would have needed a new paradigm in networking based on makers' technology able to provide with what is necessary to build a personal network, democratically owned and mantained without political or financial bias. No well paid zero-days, no money involved, only a joint effort to obtain a fair and secure way to speak with each other and with our machines, enhancing privacy and making us more aware of the technology that (mostly) keeps us all alive today.

PJON Strategies showcase

Compatible devices


PJON - ATtiny85 compatible

Arduino Uno

PJON - Arduino uno compatible

Arduino Leonardo

PJON - Arduino Leonardo compatible

Arduino Mega

PJON - Arduino Mega compatible

Arduino Nano

PJON - Arduino Nano compatible

Arduino Micro

PJON - Arduino Micro compatible

Arduino Esplora

PJON - Arduino Esplora compatible


PJON - ESP8266 compatible

Node MCU

PJON - NodeMCU compatible


PJON - Teensy compatible

Raspberry Pi

PJON - Raspberry Pi compatible


PJON - WINX86 compatible

Embedded systems connected

PJON is an Arduino compatible, multi-master, multi-media communications bus system. It proposes a Standard, it is designed as a framework and implements a software-emulated network protocol stack that can be easily cross-compiled on many architectures like ATtiny, ATmega, ESP8266, Teensy, Raspberry Pi and Windows X86. It is a valid tool to quickly and comprehensibly build a network of devices.