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Any NA #include <PJONAny.h>

The Any strategy includes virtual inheritance and let PJON objects change from a strategy to another after instantiation or a collection of PJON objects with different strategies to be treated agnostically.

How to use Any

Define a StrategyLink template class passing the desired strategy, then pass the type Any as PJON template parameter to instantiate a PJON object ready to communicate using this strategy.

StrategyLink<SoftwareBitBang> link;
PJON<Any> bus;

Call the set_link method passing the StrategyLink instance:

#include <PJONAny.h>

StrategyLink<SoftwareBitBang> link;
PJONAny bus;

void setup() {

See MultiStrategyLink and StrategyLinkNetworkAnalysis examples.

All the other necessary information is present in the general Documentation.

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