Get a unique PJON bus id

Contribute to the growth of the first global, decentralized, private network infrastructure. Fill in the form below to obtain a 4 bytes address to identify you and your devices.

Why get a bus id?

A bus id is used to provide identification when a PJON bus is directly connected or sharing its medium with others. To make sure that the bus id you use is unique, and not the same used by your neighbour, get a unique bus id released by the PJON Foundation filling in the form below. The use of a bus id enables to control devices securely but also to communicate with other makers nearby. It is finally possible easily to setup a private, distributed physical network infrastructure and anonimously connect to each other without an internet connection.

PJON - Avoid collision with a valid unique bus id

The bus id registration is optionally anonymous. Sharing some info about your installation by filling the optional fields helps the PJON Foundation to monitor the network topology growth, geographical distribution and offer you a better, forever free service.

if a wireless medium is selected a blue circle appears representing the communication range, use the handles to set its real extension.

Strategies abstraction

PJON codebase uses strategies to physically communicate through the medium used, abstracting the data link layer from its procedure. A Strategy is a class containing the back-off configuration and a set of methods able to send and receive messages; 7 strategies are available to communicate data through various media. Take a look at the strategies video introduction for a brief showcase of their features.