Get a unique PJON device address

Contribute to the growth of the first global, decentralized, private network infrastructure. Fill in the form below to obtain a 5 bytes device address to identify your device.

Why get a device address?

The device address is composed by 5 bytes and is used to provide a fixed address for devices that never changes although the underlying network identification (bus and device id) may change. Thanks to the dynamic addressing devices can physically move and change the master used for communication automatically while remaining reachable by others with their own device address.

PJON - Avoid collision with a valid unique bus id

The device address registration is optionally anonymous. The email address is kept private and it is used solely to inform you about updates, vulnerabilities or bugs. Requests for data deletion from our database can be sent to

Strategies abstraction

PJON codebase uses strategies to physically communicate through the medium used, abstracting the data link layer from its procedure. A Strategy is a class containing the back-off configuration and a set of methods able to send and receive messages; 7 strategies are available to communicate data through various media. Take a look at the strategies video introduction for a brief showcase of their features.


The PJON protocol handbook

This is the first publication about PJON, it contains the documentation, the specification, many application examples and troubleshooting techniques. The book is made in Italy and within its 216 pages the whole PJON network protocol stack and its strategies are accurately described with graphs and color pictures. If you are interested in the PJON protocol and you would like a printed copy, pre-order an early version personally signed by Giovanni Blu Mitolo filling in the form below: