Build the network of the future

With PJON® you can connect open-hardware and consumer-electronics products securely, with incomparable flexibility and with no need of a network provider or cloud service.

Embedded systems connected

PJON® (Padded Jittering Operative Network) is an open-source network protocol able to connect devices using most physical layers and media, such as wires (PJDL, Ethernet, Serial and RS485), radio (ASK, FSK, OOK, LoRa or WiFi) and light pulses (PJDLS). It is released in a single portable implementation that can be easily cross-compiled on many systems like ATtiny, ATmega, ESP8266, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Windows X86, Apple and Android. It is a valid tool to quickly build a network of devices.


Compatible devices


PJON - ATtiny85 compatible


PJON - ATtiny84/84A compatible

Arduino Uno

PJON - Arduino uno compatible

Arduino Leonardo

PJON - Arduino Leonardo compatible

Arduino Mega

PJON - Arduino Mega compatible

Arduino Nano

PJON - Arduino Nano compatible

Arduino Micro

PJON - Arduino Micro compatible


PJON - Teensy compatible

Arduino Due

PJON - Arduino Due compatible

Bluepill STM32

PJON - Bluepill STM32F103 compatible


PJON - SAMD21 compatible


PJON - ESP8266 NodeMCU compatible


PJON - ESP32 compatible

Raspberry Pi

PJON - Raspberry Pi compatible


PJON - Android compatible


PJON - LINUX compatible


PJON - WINX86 compatible

Mac OS X

PJON - Apple MACOSX compatible


The internet infrastructure is vulnerable, used as a tool of mass surveilance, propaganda and cultural subversion; looking at history and society today, it seems internet users will be soon aware, all at once, of its downsides. Day by day, internet revolutionary features have been eroded with the centralization of:

  • Information with search engines and cloud services

  • Functionality with proprietary applications and platforms

  • Connectivity with social media and providers

We are not only living days where fridges can be hacked, but also where the interruption of a cloud service can render many things useless and many people powerless, or where a single point of failure in the network can disconnect entire regions.


Thanks to the flexibility of the PJON protocol you can create local or decentralized networks in minutes using both open-hardware and off-the-shelf consumer-electronics products. PJON has a wide hardware support and it is able to operate on most existing protocols and physical layers:

  • Serial or RS485 wired data link

  • TCP, UDP, MQTT and ESPNOW wired or wireless data link

  • LoRa wireless radio data link

  • PJDL single wire data link for up to 255 devices with a range of 2km

  • PJDLR ASK, FSK and OOK modulation wireless radio data link

  • PJDLS optical fiber or wireless light pulses data link

Let's network

With PJON® makers can communicate with each other and with their devices securely, anonymously and for free. This is possible thanks to the flexibility of the PJON protocol, able to operate on a wide range of media, such as wires, unlicensed radio frequencies or light pulses. Users are free to build a multi-media network infrastructure in minutes, handle data locally, operate devices in their private space and network with neighbours without needing paid connectivity or a cloud service.